The Society of Decorating Pros Expands to Animal Decor

We are very excited to let you know that we have had the opportunity to check out some design aspects to many places around the nation and form a write up concerning appeal to the demographic and furthermore enhance the experience of the customer. What are we talking about? Design at some local zoos. Zoos and aquariums are taking their design aspirations to new levels. And the SODP (Society of Decorating Professionals) is jumping right in to help. We are starting with the best ways to find decorating deals for the toronto zoo. The design and decor at the TZ is already pretty good, but we feel like we have ideas that will help bring it to the next level. People that go to the zoo whether they have a coupon or pay full price will have the best experience possible. We are hoping to submit our ideas and plans to the zoo for consideration. We have high hopes. If all goes as planned for Toronto our next plan is to test the best ways to save at brookfield zoo for their decor and environment. The reason why we picked these two particular locations to target first is becasue we have some team members that live in the areas and can submit the designs and talk with the right people if those doors are ever opened to us. Design is our life and we love animals. What better way to advance in dreams, goals and savings than in this adventure. For a bit more info on toronto zoo visit

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