Water Damage Restoration Will Help Save Your Valuables

It is not uncommon for both residential and commercial properties to experience some kind of water damage during their lifetime. However, quick and efficient water damage restoration work would be important to bring back the property to its original state. Many people believe that they can handle water damage on their own. Some also make mistakes in their restoration efforts which eventually costs them thousands of dollars in the long run. The biggest mistake they make is that they fail to under the categories of water damage, and the one that is there on their property.

There are 4 types of water that can damage your property. Category 1 and 2 is least problematic as water comes from clean sources such as broken dishwasher, washing machine or open faucet. But, category 3 and 4 can be quite problematic as this water is infected with tons of bacteria, fungi, and microbes. This water is also known as black water and comes from sources such as backed up toilets, river water, sewer lines, sea water, and so on.

Only professional water damage restoration company knows ways to treat each category of water. Some will use chemical based agents for removing fungi and bacteria from your property. If you try to restore your property yourself, you may end up exposing your loved ones or employees to dangerous levels of bacteria that is not visible to naked eyes.
Actually, both water damage and moisture damage on any property go hand in hand. Most of the times, homeowners fail to understand that stagnant water on their property may start evaporating inside. The evaporation rate of water will depend upon the type of water that has caused devastation. Some types of water evaporates at a slower rate than others. Aside from that, various other factors such as type of construction, weather, heating, etc play a crucial role in determining the evaporation rate. When evaporation rate of water is high, it will start penetrating porous construction material (particle boards, plywood, wood) in the house.

When moisture damage is left uncontrolled, it can quickly damage most of the materials beyond repair. They also encourage the growth of mold that poses several health risks, and may also damage walls and ceilings. Professionals from water damage restoration company know all about moisture problems and once they arrive on the scene, they will analyze the situation, including the moisture problem. They use gadgets such as humidity level checkers and hygrometers to gauge the evaporation rate of water. They will use appropriate commercial grade dehumidifiers to get rid of excess moisture on your property.

All this is difficult for homeowners to achieve as domestic humidifiers are nowhere as effective as commercial grade models. Aside from this, professional water damage contractor also has various other useful equipment such as water extraction units, dehumidifiers, blowers and water pumps that will be used collectively on your property.
Due to all these reasons, it is best to leave your water damage restoration work to the professionals who have knowledge and equipment to deal with the situation in the best possible way.

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