Its All About Landscaping And Design In Spokane WA

A home’s exterior is all about the curb appeal. Without a good, green, healthy lawn and trees that are trimmed perfectly or a garden that’s flowers are thriving, your home’s curb appeal will be nothing. Selling a home in today’s tough economy means a homeowner must take every opportunity to sell their house for the value they want, which will require them to do more than their neighbors or other homes that are for sell.

Its all about landscaping and the design of your front yard.

Most new homeowners are looking for a house that is either already updated or one that needs to be updated, there is no in between. If your house is partially updated and yet your landscape looks horrible, it will affect your selling price greatly. Because of the downward housing market people have become more demanding with what they expect a house to have completed. The days of building a house without fixing the yard are over.

Designing your landscape is something you can either do yourself or give it to a professional. You don’t have to go out and hire a designer, you can find a local landscaping company who probably has years of experience and knows what they are doing. A landscaping company can give you what you ask for, or maybe even do things better.

Want to have a flat yard with nice gardens and maybe even a sprinkler system? Well your local landscaper can do all of that. Its important that you find one that is trust or comes recommended, and with the internet its easy to find those who stand out and those who you should stay away from.

Growing up in Spokane, WA everyone knew the best lawn care or landscaping companies to go with. Now the city has grown so much over the past 10 years, there are many more businesses in town, so its harder to choose which ones are the best.

Find a company that sees landscaping as a form of art

Just like decorating the interior of your house, landscaping needs just as much attention. Spokane has some very hot summers where temperatures can hit over 100 degrees. If you don’t do things correctly its going to be difficult with keeping your grass alive and maybe some of the trees or shrubs you have planted. Having a sprinkler system is also vital in a climate like that. You can always water the lawn yourself but that takes a lot of effort and a lot of moving around hoses and sprinkler heads. It might be just as cost effective to hire someone to install a sprinkler system in Spokane.

Think about it, hoses can cost upwards of $50 per 100 feet. ‘Good’ sprinkler heads can be as much as $20 each. Depending on the size of your lawn will depend on the amount of hoses and sprinkler heads you need. Not only that, but moving the hoses or putting them away every day can get tiring. If you live on a half acre, expect to spend close to $400 on the equipment you need just to water your lawn. If you were to hire someone to install a sprinkler system, you could expect to pay between $1,000 – $2,000 for all parts and labor.

Sprinklers can be as much of a design feature as anything else. It is important that you get your sprinklers setup correctly so that the rest of your lawn will stay green and healthy for the whole summer. Placing sprinklers also needs to be well thought out so that you can get everything wet, but not over do it.

If you need landscaping done in Spokane WA, then we suggest a company called Spokane Landscaping. They have been around for more than 16 years and have a ton of experience with designing landscapes, as well as installing sprinkler systems. They can also build in gardens, plant trees, shrubs, bushes or anything else that is needed. You can contact Spokane Landscaping here.

Spokane Landscaping
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