ROOM TOUR #16 Bedroom Design ideas for Makeover Mondays

Room tour bedroom design for teen girls Tour the Room Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson created for one lucky subscriber who took the chance and submitted her room for Makeover Mondays! This weeks winner of Makeover Mondays is Genifee3. 26 year old Jennifer from the US wants her bedroom to be peaceful place to study and relax as she finishes her last year and a half of Collage. Jennifer’s unusual request to include her shot glass collection didn’t stop Rebecca from creating a beautiful bedroom design incorporating her Vera Wang bedding, portrait from Paris and need for protection from the light that streams in the large windows every morning. Rebecca chose a purple and grey color scheme as requested by Jennifer and added focal points on every wall. Along with a higher headboard, beautiful full length window treatments create a backdrop behind the bed providing some sun protection as well as a great first impression. The re-arrangement of furniture creates a much larger feel to the room making it not only beautiful, but functional as well. Congratulations Genifee3. Bedding from Vera Wang Wall colors by Benjamin Moore: Marina Gray #1599 Sputnik lighting can be found at If YOU would like to win a free bedroom design … just Link to the Introduction to Makeover Mondays: Link to the “How to Enter” Makeover Mondays video: MacBarbies NEW Room Tour MayBabyTumblers Room Tour My Daughter
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    I love it!!! :D

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    i came here because of macbarbie07 too! And now i’m in love with everything you do! Such a geniuuuus!

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    yes, she could keep it

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    Lol! Shot glasses!

  5. pixietrixiegirl says:

    is that stainless steel on the drawers i see ? if it is i love it even more i think it gives it a eye catching look

  6. oheyits gaaby says:

    I think you let her keep

  7. LiveWhileWereYoung0 says:

    macbarbie07 sent me. Ur Amazing !

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    macbarbie07 has sent me to your channel and it is the best channel i have ever seen

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