A good website for Decorating Ideas?

Question by pollockkk: A good website for Decorating Ideas?
In the past i came acrossed a website where i could choose a room , ex. living room , and choose the color i wanted on the walls. Than I came acrossed a site where i can choose the room, color, and funiture.

However sadly enough I lost the website and can no longer find it. Ive tried history and everything.

Anyone know of a good website where i can design a room or get good decorating ideas?

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Answer by Vlclove
here you go, benjamin moore has that feature


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  1. Butterfly Lover says:

    HGTV.com has added this feature to their website, you can even pick the brand of paint!

    Sherwinwilliams.com allows you to upload a picture of your room and then try colors.

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