DIY Decoupage Coffee Table – Furniture Design Tutorial with Mr. Kate

Learn how to quickly and easily transform a table-top using modge podge or glue and pages from an old book to spruce up the design of your interior space. Mr. Kate shows you step by step how to get a funky, vintage inspired wood coffee table in this interior design geared video. She used human figure sketches from an art book and gold spray paint for the legs, but you could use whatever book you want and whatever color best fits your space! Mr. Kate’s shoes are by ASOS – find out more style info on For more interior design inspiration visit the Mr. Kate BLOG here: Shot and edited by Brad Etter Song “Organic Grunge” by Kevin MacLeod http

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25 Responses to DIY Decoupage Coffee Table – Furniture Design Tutorial with Mr. Kate

  1. YinkaGem says:

    Love this video! I actually started to look for´╗┐ stuff to decoupage ­čÖé

  2. phaillawyer says:

    why are´╗┐ you so amazing

  3. XoYourItGirloX says:


  4. Moriah38 says:

    What´╗┐ kind of litas are those?

  5. sydneygirl11able says:

    Please tell me where u got´╗┐ your shoes!

  6. nessamarie003 says:

    Love this! Can I do this with a glass table´╗┐ top?

  7. dayanarachael says:

    omg !! great idea! i will be doing one for my sewing machine table!

  8. Emmagination35 says:

    This is´╗┐ beautiful. Omg.

  9. slutsandmuts22 says:

    Everyone should check out WeHeartFashion22 channel they have amazing´╗┐ videos!!!!

  10. amourmagieetchocolat says:

    Just… Thank You for existing.´╗┐ You are Amazing!!!

  11. Soeckchen91 says:

    She did already?!´╗┐

  12. kixchristine says:

    <3 the table is so cute, at a distance it almost looked like a marble top, but then you get up close and it's cool anatomy drawings. I think I might do this to my´╗┐ boring old white dresser. (^w^)/ you've inspired me.

  13. heyyitslaurenxoxo says:

    im kind of obsessed with your videos´╗┐

  14. dkakau says:

    @myIcelolly me´╗┐ toooooo!!!!

  15. Tatum Bradshaw says:

    OMG´╗┐ I love your nails!

  16. maddiviti says:

    Shoes?! And´╗┐ I’m so doing this to my coffee table!

  17. Charlottecorin says:

    Where did you get your´╗┐ shoes?

  18. Earendil2501 says:

    great´╗┐ project, i think i might do that on my table too ­čÖé

  19. antpenguina says:

    Does it not disturb you that there are drawn on penises´╗┐ on your coffee table?

  20. Pk Vue says:

    I love your´╗┐ videos this one.rocked

  21. snarf4worldpeace says:

    This is easily the coolest DIY I’ve seen you do yet! And I love them all!´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  22. emclau2955 says:

    I don’t know how I missed this! My sister gave´╗┐ me an old desk and I was looking around for the perfect project to make it match my style. ­čÖé I’m in looove!

  23. Str8UPdork says:

    i can never´╗┐ get enough of your videos

  24. TinyLittleLouise says:


  25. myIcelolly says:

    no kidding i’ve been singing your´╗┐ intro song all WEEK !

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