HAUL! Home Decor No. 2

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Unusual Air Plants – Home Decor Ideas – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I am going to show you some of my air plant designs. These are my one of a kind air plant pieces. Air plants are plants that grow without soil. All they need is moderate light, proper air flow, and a little water every week. I design a fertilizer that comes with every purchase. It helps with blooming cycles like this plant, and it helps with reproduction like this plant you see here. One of my first pieces that I am going to show you is this vintage doll head. One of its eyes has been removed and and air plant has been put in its place. The dolls blinks back and forth. He is kind-of creepy. He is from my creepy, cute collection. Another one of my pieces is this tektite rock, which is a meteorite rock, with an agate carved skull sitting on it and an air plant growing from it. It kind-of reminds me what life would look like on other planets. This next piece is an agate geode and it is got an air plant curved around it is side. All these air plant pieces do have the plant attached to them so when you water them, all you have to do is soak them and it is that easy. And, this is one of my more magnificent pieces that I love. It is one piece of quartz that is been carved into a skull, hand polished. On its top is a blood drews crown. It is beautiful in detail and living on its head, sort-of like an Indian chief, is an air plant that is growing from it. Also, what is really amazing about this is

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27 Responses to HAUL! Home Decor No. 2

  1. MagicTwist98 says:

    i like this camera quality better but the audio isnt as good :)

  2. Стейси Стейси says:

    Cool zebra frame!!!

  3. for3verBeautiful says:

    Use The Tray For Purfume!!!!!! It’s Gonna Look Soooo Cute!!

  4. EpicHalo9000 says:

    Please please do more hauls hey are so fun to watch

  5. SHTINEE says:

    you should, if it’s possible, turn the “live in the sunshine” sign into a light mounted on the wall! xx 🙂

  6. FashionInTheAir98 says:

    I Would Put 3 Meduim Candles Ocean Scent:)

  7. FashionInTheAir98 says:

    Me And My Family Are Moving Soon And Idk What My Color Scheme Should Be HELLLLLLLLPPPPPP!

  8. Kaitlynmagic100 says:

    i think u should do the message in a bottle thing

  9. pinkangelization says:

    are you hispanic?

  10. cara1q2w says:

    Way better then before

  11. LuckyCharmChloe says:

    Ahh! So jealous of all the decor ;3

  12. ronabrookemoore says:

    those towels are such a pretty color! you seriously know how to decorate, cant wait to see it put together! love uuu!

  13. ellenbee9 says:

    It’s WAY better than the old one !

  14. angela361247 says:

    Quality is a lot better!! I love your the theme u going with!

  15. katalinafashionista says:

    Quality is a lot better!!

  16. pinkflava008 says:

    Quality is much better x

  17. lovemileyandniley says:

    really like this quality!
    love your videos <3

  18. Lover96Pink says:

    Will you please think about doing a house tour?

  19. sissia2012 says:

    Great taste. Like the kind of blue.

  20. archiecomicxfan215 says:

    your home decor hauls make me want to go shopping for a future apartment. <3 love the items you got!

  21. Xx1955VintagexX says:

    the first thing that you showed you can put like 3 candles in it and some rocks around it…

  22. HANNAHSHiiN says:

    this is a better quality camra <3

  23. BeautyliciousShadows says:

    love !

  24. sadiekins21 says:

    Love the tray, so classy. White, Black, Gold, + Teal is going to look amazing together. & Love the camera quality in this! xo

  25. Meganailpolishlover says:

    i like this quality for this camera a lot better!!!!!!

  26. TheMexychic says:

    You can find them on Etsy. Good luck!

  27. bigwillysmooth1 says:

    walmart use to sell these and now i want one i cant find them!

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