How hard is it to get into the Wedding Planning or Interior Design feilds?

Question by tokengrl1: How hard is it to get into the Wedding Planning or Interior Design feilds?
I currently have a degree in Graphic Design, but I’ve been considering starting a Wedding planning buisiness or becoming an Interior Designer. I plan to go back to school either way, but I don’t know anyone in these fields. So I’m wondering how hard it is to get into these fields and be succesfull. I have a little experience doing both and think I’d really enjoy either one.
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I hadn’t really thought of commercial or domestic interior design. They would probably both be pretty rewarding. I suppose commercial would be a little better with larger budgets and customers probably have a clearer idea of what they want.

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Answer by Slim
By Interior Design, do you mean commercial or domestic?

I’m a commercial interior designer, and generally it is not a difficult industry to enter, but you won’t get far without the skills and/or qualifications.

Domestic Interior Design is a difficult business as so much of it is about building a customer base and word of mouth. Once you have a good reputation, you can go far, but getting there can be a very long journey.

If you really, really want this, then be prepared for some very hard (but rewarding) work.

Good luck


Additional :
Domestic – You are employed for your creative ideas, but then have to adapt/amend/concede to the ideas of the client, however good/bad there taste is.

With both, budgets are relative, but you can get to do some cool stuff if you’re lucky.

I could personally never do domestic, as I could never stand in front of somebody and tell them that there ideas are OK when I really think they stink (don’t mind doing it with commercial as it’s rarely personal)


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