how to make sugar decorations for desserts – Ann Reardon – How To Cook That Ep010

Step by step tutorial for making crispy sugar decorations for on top of desserts. for more easy sugar decoration ideas visit
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  1. howtocookthat says:

    Hi TheKinKmn, corn syrup is mainly glucose so will do the trick or instead you can add a pinch of cream of tartar or a squeeze of lemon juice. The acid helps interfere with the formation of sugar crystals. However it also makes the candy more hydroscopic so make sure you store it in an airtight container until serving.

  2. TheKInKmn says:

    Are there any substitutes to the glucose syrup

  3. janaabreu says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful video! :D

  4. alkezabe says:

    i love your recipes!!! :-D

  5. howtocookthat says:


  6. zarinafuaadaziz says:

    Thank you, Ann!

  7. howtocookthat says:

    Hi zarinafuaadaziz, the easiest way would be to have something round to start with, like a hazelnut. Poke a skewer into the hazelnut, generously coat it in the hot sugar and then secure it so that the hazelnut bit is resting off the bench and can drip – giving the tail. You will of course want paper or something on your floor to protect it. Once it is completely cool you can remove the skewer.

  8. zarinafuaadaziz says:

    Hello Ann, I’ve got one question, how to make a sugar deco to shape like ball with a tail? Sorry might sound like a bit weird with the tail. Thanks!

  9. gotthedjames says:

    thanks! :)

  10. howtocookthat says:

    Hi gotthedjames yes if your in a hurry pour in some hot water and put back on the stove top to heat. Otherwise just fill pan with cold water and wait about 15 minutes and it will just dissolve, leaving your pan clean.

  11. gotthedjames says:

    hey :) do you have any tips on how to clean the pan and forks afterwards? because im despairing here!

  12. R33MiXlovesWAYNE says:

    spun shuga

  13. howtocookthat says:

    Great, all the best with your class.

  14. howtocookthat says:

    Hi YederekkoClub, Yes you can add colour to it before you heat it – the only problem with this is then it is hard to see when to pull it off the heat so you will need to use a candy thermometer (300-310 degrees F). If you wait until it is hot and then add the colour it will spit everywhere.

  15. gizzyisdashizzy says:

    I’m glad I saw this. Im making a composed dessert for an advanced baking class and needed some pointers!

  16. YanderekkoClub says:

    is it posible to add color to it?

  17. toottifruitti says:

    Hi Ann, You are a wealth of information. I love all of your YouTube videos. Thank you for share your knowledge. Do you have a “Facebook” page and/or Twitter account? Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Love it!

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  19. howtocookthat says:

    thanks fractalor

  20. howtocookthat says:

    Hi Boucles0330, You can make the thicker ones a couple of days ahead and store in an airtight container. The finer thread-like ones are subject to heat and humidity so I would suggest making just prior to needing them.

  21. Boucles0330 says:

    How long ahead can I make it?

  22. Fractalor says:

    Thanks! Great info.

  23. Fractalor says:

    Thanks, I was wondering about that too.

  24. howtocookthat says:


  25. shamowlee says:

    😉 like

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