need help with an interior design project?

Question by raven: need help with an interior design project?
i badly need help on this a student currently taking up interior design..i know i should’nt be asking for help on this one but im really running out of ideas..
im used to working on homes and offices but for a shop i dont know anything..we are asked to design a boutique that sells women’s clothing,shoes,accesories,bags,perfumes etc..first question is what kind of theme should i use?i wanted a contemporary chic or a contemporary french or greek style but i lack knowledge of what kind of styles or colours are used for those themes..second question is could you suggest a good website where i could see examples of designs of boutiques?
you’re free to suggest your ideas..
thanks in advance..

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Answer by rstylist26
Go to the Mall and look inside their stores to see how everything is set up. Where they put their clothing, shoes, and accessories etc. Get creative with it! Once you get an idea you’ll find your theme. We can’t give you a theme. Also you can look up greek , french styles.

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