Q&A: How can I incorporate Feng Shui into my interior home design?

Question by Voodan: How can I incorporate Feng Shui into my interior home design?
I need help selecting Asian-inspired decor which manifests feng shui principles. Basically I am staring with nothing, a clean slate.
风水-feng shui

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Answer by dragonair
who is feng shui ? i am chinese but i dont know him

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  1. babysgmgurl says:

    who is feng shui anyway

  2. Hector says:


  3. lazypanda7 says:

    My mother bought a book on feng shui, which has all of the ideas and techniques. It really is quite interesting, and I think buying a book with lots of pictures and tips will help you figure out what sort of things you want to try in your home.

  4. memm says:

    Go to hgtv.com they have lots of info and books. I think they might have an online chat but I’m not sure of what subjects. They also have viedos you can watch. It ‘s an awesome site for decorating!

  5. A Designer says:

    For coming up with a design based on Feng Shui, I always find that the best resources are good ol’ books. This probably isn’t the quick answer you’re looking for… but this is what I do when I’m developing a design plan for a specific ‘theme’.

    A lot of the larger art books will especially have some very helpful pictures that would inspire you and help you get a better idea of what vendors will carry the materials, furniture and accessories that will best meet your needs.

    One great book I recently checked out from MY local library (and I live in a small city) was called “Living with Zen”.

    The pictures were VERY helpful and the ideas were contemporary.

    Good Luck with your project!

  6. dogenzenji says:

    fengshui is system that has its own logic, and it is composed of theories, each contains calculations to maximize either good wealth or good health. decor that manifests fengshui principles, the closest i can think of is furnitures that are measured using the fengshui ruler, or the figurines (the dragon, chi ling, etc.), but these are just to enhance a particular space. it is not fengshui. fengshui is deciding where to place your main door, bedroom, living, kitchen, toilet, stairway/hallway, backdoor in your house, based on your birthdate or the flying stars of when you first moved in. and position/ location is different from direction at which their doors are directed (what degree). this is true fengshui. additionally, you can further enhance the space, by putting a water dragon (another difficult calculation; a water dragon is not really a dragon, but a water canal that has clean water going through it; the emphasis here is not the water canal, but the degree where the canal faces and moves). this is more auspicious, than putting the dragon statues.
    then there is another simple thing you can do to adjust to this year’s bad energies. go to http://www.fengshuisos.com; click on articles; then read preview for 2006; below the article, there are instructions how to adjust to this year. it is NOT a permanent solution, but it can enhance your space only for year 2006.
    with regards to books published, most of the english are not totally true especially those talking fengshui as a flowing energy, or an aura… if the book doesn’t have any calculations regarding the birthdate of a person, or using the move in date of a house, chances are the book is not true fengshui. but there are a few books published which are considered to be authentic. the books by lillian too are easy to read, but not all that she writes are all true. there is a master, who don’t teach, but she is considered as 1 of the best in fengshui- eva wong. she has 2 books published, i prefer the second one, because it has more examples in it than the first book. stephen skinner is also good. but the books just teaches the more common theories, not that powerful. more powerful theories are taught in seminars.

    (please visit my master’s site: http://www.fengshuisos.com)

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