Cherry Blossom Sakura Tree Nail Art Design Tutorial

Hello You Guys!!! It has been a long while that I wanted to make a cherry blossom nail art design, but I wanted to find the perfect background color, & I knew I did not want a solid color. So this week I am walking in my local grocery store & I came across a tea beverage, & what do I find in the can? Yes! the perfect color for my design. After seeing this beautiful light green in different tones & the beautiful Sakura branches it came to me. I got home & looked for a light frosty green & a solid green, & thats the story for this design. I know, I sound like a crazy person…lol… but I wanted to share this little story with you because I receive the question where did you get the inspiration for this nail art design? So here it is. Another thing new that happened this week is I changed my basecoat, my favorite all time basecoat was Sally Hansens Nail Quencher, & its discontinued. Because I stocked up good I was able to continue using it for alot longer, but this week I finished my last bottle. I went searching for a new basecoat & I found one that I liked its by Nail Magic its called Base Coat Therapy, well I got home & was very excited to try this new basecoat, & the first thing I noticed is that it has a pink tone to it. I was hoping once it was on my nail it would dry clear, but it did not, so now apart from having my nails yellow I now have an added pink hue, so the yellow of my nails & the pink from the basecoat make my nails look orange (lol))) But apart from this

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25 Responses to Cherry Blossom Sakura Tree Nail Art Design Tutorial

  1. ilovecats5270 says:

    *thx* i made a typo :0

  2. ilovecats5270 says:

    Ok thz 🙂

  3. LOVE4NAILS says:

    Thank You, I file my nails short at times & it feels funny, but I get used to the feeling within a couple of hours… Give it a little time*

  4. ilovecats5270 says:

    Hi raquel i love your designs 🙂 i have a question when u cut your nails short how did it feel i cut my nails today and im not really used to them being this short have you ever felt like this ?

  5. msaleman31 says:

    Beautiful design!!! 🙂

  6. xxalmond1joyxx says:

    I can’t help but think of Arizona green tea can when I see this, I’m doing this design right now for summer, if I like it I’m going to do it again for my trip to AZ in 3 wks LOL at myself, I’m such a dork

  7. hallotiffany says:

    I love this desaing. I look it more times

  8. winniealfonzo says:

    gorgeous…you are very talented lady, congrats!!!

  9. osnapfashion says:

    wow, goergous design!

  10. Edgarlei21 says:

    You’re like, the goddess of nail art. Thanks for the videos!

  11. abenagraham44 says:

    Were excaly do u get ur brushes from

  12. 6302Alexis says:

    Where exactly do you get your brushes from???

  13. LOVE4NAILS says:

    Something that helps is the polish remover I use, its the Cutex brand, I use the purple colored one.

  14. iluvanime starfish says:

    How do you keep your nails clean??

  15. TokyoUnwanted says:

    Im sure you get this all the time but you are crazy talented!!!

  16. claudiavicentelo92 says:


  17. LauRaskauskas says:

    I love all your nail designs! This one is so beautiful! Tks for sharing your ideas. 🙂

  18. vsalle25 says:

    Arizona ice tea….thats really pretty…

  19. jacqueline van dijk says:

    i loveeee it!!

  20. JenxJenXD says:

    im waiting for my nails to grow before trying out this design 🙂 HURRY UP NAILS!!!

  21. bluegreen1548 says:

    …wow. beautiful work.

  22. johnchaable says:

    I would like to paint my nails like that but they are not long enough.beautiful job.

  23. licha6830 says:

    Awesome job….my question is on the nail art… what kind of paints or polish you are using….

  24. aero87xoxo says:

    This is my most favorite nail design ever!! The colors are perfect! Could you tell me where you get all your nail tools? Subbing!

  25. meikokiem says:

    OMG! I LOVE YOUR NAILS. what do you use to make it strong and long?

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