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Aspen has an impressive artistic form. You can use Aspen as part of a bold decorating plan.
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Architecture & Interior Design OUT WITH THE OLD… Light in its various forms is a strong theme in the house and was clearly important to the over-all design. The south-facing glass walls flood the rooms with sunlight during the day and as the nights draw in, the house’s spectacular light-fittings come into their own. The double-height ceilings have allowed for the installation of two chandeliers, which combine droplets of Murano glass suspended on thin wires to create the illusion of balls of brightly coloured light floating in mid-air. In the master bedroom the light-fitting is equally as striking, if on a smaller scale. Like a tangle of wild flowers, red buds emerge from a twisted mass of wires. When switched on, the buds open slightly and gently rotate as if brought suddenly to life. ‘Light in its various forms is a strong theme in the house and was clearly important to the over-all design’ The juxtaposition of the mid-century vogue for straight, clean and almost severe lines with the modern trend for curvature is also a recurring theme. High, geometric windows sit alongside a curved staircase and a boxy corner sofa is offset by the fluid lines of walnut armchairs and circular glass table. The opposing styles could easily clash, but in this case they slot together perfectly to create a soft and welcoming space. The whole house is a mass of stylistic contradictions; the classic and the contemporary, the neutral and the brightly coloured, the linear and the curved. But
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  1. pf285 says:

    This style is sooo awesome! Can’t wait to see how´╗┐ this looks for a sectional!

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