Decorating Cupcakes #14: Polar Bear

Original design by Richardson and Tack. This can be found in their books “Hello Cupcake” or “What’s new Cupcake” I have modified it slightly. Music by: Jason Shaw Jason [email protected]
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Decorating Cupcakes #14: Polar Bear

  1. SandreachenXD says:

    its too cute to be eaten

  2. LPS4ever42 says:

    that’s sooo cute! its one of my favorite designs too!

  3. yoabsol says:

    I love how the feet are sticking up like that.

  4. ThePurfectHamster says:

    @lvhblrn67 She has. Its number 86 i think check it out

  5. lvhblrn67 says:

    please do a panda bear!!!!! it wouldnt be that different from the polar bear shape.

  6. DragonBreathForever says:

    you should do a halloween cupcake with a black cat (molding chocolate) sitting at the top

  7. Hillary Cheung says:

    wow it must be very sweet!

  8. catloverxoxo2 says:

    i dont like coconut can u use anything else??

  9. KristaAG01 says:

    I luv your videos

  10. Tillysnow1 says:

    The only problem with your cupcakes… They look great, but it would take way to long to make a decent amount of them

  11. MissSophialovesnow says:

    Cute : )

  12. yoyomax12 says:

    If it is just the day before you can leave them out (maybe just loosely covered with plastic wrap?) Marshmallows should be okay

  13. Taylor Guidotti says:

    Hey quick question. If I were to make these the day before I give them out, are they better in the open or in the fridge? Oh, and if I cant find the circus peanuts can I use marshmellows?

  14. ThePinkchick123 says:

    aww this is so cute definitely my fave cupcake…i didn’t think they could get any cuter than the sesame street ones you did 🙂 love your videos

  15. mermaidgurl2123 says:

    hey yoyomax12 , could you make a video on how to make cupcakeburgers?

  16. FunFelicia26 says:

    Like if you think this theme song is catchy!

  17. AIZZVE says:

    Hey it’s missing the Coke!!!!!!

  18. Amy Burns says:

    I LOVE THIS! I am totally doing this for the next Winter Luncheon at our office!!!

  19. Amber Owens says:

    i could never do this!!!! im am not patient at all and i would end up eating all the icing and cupcakes without even finishing the bear! lol all your cupcakes are VERY cute and your very talented to be able to acomplish this!! 🙂

  20. Claimjumpers says:

    Maybe cover all of the ears with white frosting so they look more realistic. But this was very cute!

  21. Tilda Lof says:

    so cute! 🙂

  22. captainjess17 says:

    I made this for my friends birthday. So easy, and looked so cute!

  23. Pootentate says:

    That really is the cutest damn cupcake I have ever seen. :)

  24. Haley Horan says:

    I literally spend hours watching your video’s. They are so addicting.

  25. DCgirl890 says:

    @yoyomax12 hi!

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