Phlegm Timelapse

Phlegm illustrates the Old Market Buildings in Rotherham, where the Rotherham Open Arts Festival will be held throughout September. Film by http Music: Jeans wilder ‘castle walls’ Antiques cassette night people James Ferraro ‘track 1’ clear cdr new age tapes Part Wild Horses…. ‘full left hand cocoon’ Bataille de Battle singing knives Peaking Lights ‘track 3’ space primative c40 f##k it tapes

this is my second paint ­čśÇ

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  1. MrMarvo75 says:

    I’m from Sheffield and I see this guy’s work everyday and it’s brilliant! He’s done a piece on the wall of a pub´╗┐ (The Riverside) at the base is a giant Octopus/Squid attacking an old fashioned galleon. If you haven’t seen it then google it as it’s done on a wall overlooking the River Don.

  2. Jeanetrendhill says:

    Totally´╗┐ amazing.

  3. Paulol100 says:

    Bravo!!!!!!! I found you thru Sheffield photos old and new..
    I’m in´╗┐ Canada a retired Artist ex pat Sheffield

  4. jyoti25ful says:

    Best ever
    I c u´╗┐ every day around sheffield
    I’m really interested in this kind
    Of art I just bought 20 of your
    Prints there still in the post I’m
    10 years old and not that good
    Yet but practice makes perfect

  5. SoughHallestate says:

    it sucks that´╗┐ we have to paint over this. I feel like I’m comitting a crime

  6. RIVRAINphilippe says:


  7. jah3zzz says:


  8. marinantaratatzan says:


  9. RAMSHACKLE28 says:

    Gnarly´╗┐ Awesomator!!!

  10. nicoleeeee182 says:


  11. crawwdroodling says:


  12. phlegmsma says:

    absoltely fantastic.. breathtaking…´╗┐ love it

  13. steelcity142 says:


  14. flyinginktees says:

    Wicked times´╗┐ 100.

  15. gpx897 says:

    Fabulous artwork. ´╗┐ Good time-lapse. Thoroughly enjoyed viewing it. Kudos!

  16. JEbullinger says:

    amazing art and nice editing. Like the edges. All rough and shit, that is a nice touch. But I am a sucker for´╗┐ time lapse so don’t take me too serious

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