Renaissance Design Presents- Episode 2 Guest Bedroom Design

Renaissance Design’s H. Alex Sanchez, from HGTV’s designstar season 5, walks you thru his guest bedroom design in the Washington, DC area

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16 Responses to Renaissance Design Presents- Episode 2 Guest Bedroom Design

  1. cruzanalex says:

    Sorry for the late reply. The colors I used were Sherwin Williams amazing gray-7044 and cloak gray-6278 (accent).

  2. TheShella713 says:

    Good evening Alex, I just feel in love with this room! If you don’t mind could you please tell me the brand and name of the paint you used for the accent wall and the remaining walls?? Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. lpslover711 says:

    hey there I’m planning to audition for design star season 7, do you have any pointers?

  4. jopham4 says:

    marry me lol

  5. catz245 says:

    Wow, this is great! I absolutely adore the lighting and artwork, especially the photography. Great job on using the shelves and small dresser to save space. This whole room is a 10!!

  6. cruzanalex says:

    Well that is the plan. I am glad you were abe to pick up some things… If you haven’t subscribed as yet, make sure you do. I have a few more videos coming soon!

  7. cruzanalex says:

    Thank you for viewing. I have a few more on the way very soon

  8. cruzanalex says:

    Most of this was recorded on a camera 5D. But of course my videographer and production team is very talented

  9. TJAYWILSON says:


  10. 0lsakural0 says:


  11. SLIMGOODIES06 says:


  12. londonfurniturelover says:

    thanks for a wonderful video

  13. Adikism says:

    PLEASE tell me what camera this was recorded on. Brilliant production.

  14. Q Ledbetter says:

    That John Ledbetter knows what he’s doing!

  15. jacquesnyemb says:

    Turned out very well!

  16. wistopherchris says:

    I loved everything about this room! This clip gave me some great ideas about how I can spruce up my own guest bedroom!

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