Minecraft MindCrack – S3E235 – Home Decor

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Minecraft MindCrack – S3E235 – Home Decor

  1. Chris Piscovich says:

    you should make a pool in the middle of the pool(13 bloocks deep)

  2. Brodigidy says:

    A bit over killwith decor in the entrance

  3. boysrock500 says:

    @ssbbbrwlingcrazy its for the contest winners

  4. boysrock500 says:

    you and that kid both fell off the cliff but i dont think the kid had armor nor the ability to regenerate health :)

  5. SkildEnough says:

    @ssbbbrwlingcrazy You don’t have to be a famous YouTuber.

  6. cornfish000 says:

    That was added in Beta 1.8, 7 months ago.

  7. Azzoraz says:

    I’ve played minecraft for 2 years and didnt know that there were brick stairs XD

  8. TheBlackRoseLegacy says:

    yea the endermen keep taking ur pumpkins lol…

  9. Deathwolf923410 says:

    Same here :X

  10. Wowfunnyjunior2 says:

    dude….he is probobly a kid and doesent know any better….You do not tell kids to die…that just isnt cool….

  11. ssbbbrwlingcrazy says:

    dude its only for famous youtubers, and its whitelisted

  12. Craccoo says:

    What’s the server IP? I want to play on your server, and show you where vines would look good on your house!

  13. vinstaal0 says:

    Enderman took the pumpkin XD

  14. Shmekekey says:

    Please die

  15. micah6944 says:

    Hey guude im going to coment on every video like this to see if u read these cus i am rewatching all ur seasons but i wanna see if u say something bout this on one of ur recent videos ever it would make my like month if not more XD

  16. MrPePeLePuo says:

    In the center of the floor in you bedroom chestroom area thing you should puit a wool “MC” for MindCrack and Minecraft.

  17. kpmh2001 says:

    Im 11 why am i getting shaving comercials?!

  18. Dack105 says:

    I feel stupid. I hear the steam message tone, and check steam *face palm*

  19. YesurdaysRS says:

    put a table in the middle of the room using fence an wooden preasure plate

  20. TheLukeskywalker2 says:

    What to do with the big room… Put a ton of boats in it.
    What to do with vines…Cover somebody’s house who made your safe fall unsafe

  21. TheGamingsCommunity says:

    I laughed so hard when he said “its a girl and her dog” when its a pig ahahha

  22. salmoneeri says:

    ooo what a cliffhanger! lol :D

  23. MsZoeishere says:

    i like the fact Guude is like ‘WHEN i get the golden record’ rather than if ;D

  24. MCAproductions11 says:

    Build coulums

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