A good website for Decorating Ideas?

Question by pollockkk: A good website for Decorating Ideas?
In the past i came acrossed a website where i could choose a room , ex. living room , and choose the color i wanted on the walls. Than I came acrossed a site where i can choose the room, color, and funiture.

However sadly enough I lost the website and can no longer find it. Ive tried history and everything.

Anyone know of a good website where i can design a room or get good decorating ideas?

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Answer by Vlclove
here you go, benjamin moore has that feature


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How can I get Total 3D Home Design Deluxe 9 Full Download for free?

Question by ~*Missy*~: How can I get Total 3D Home Design Deluxe 9 Full Download for free?
I would really like to download have a full download of this program and I would like to download it without viruses.

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Answer by Goldie9930
I don’t know. sorry

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need help with an interior design project?

Question by raven: need help with an interior design project?
i badly need help on this one..im a student currently taking up interior design..i know i should’nt be asking for help on this one but im really running out of ideas..
im used to working on homes and offices but for a shop i dont know anything..we are asked to design a boutique that sells women’s clothing,shoes,accesories,bags,perfumes etc..first question is what kind of theme should i use?i wanted a contemporary chic or a contemporary french or greek style but i lack knowledge of what kind of styles or colours are used for those themes..second question is could you suggest a good website where i could see examples of designs of boutiques?
you’re free to suggest your ideas..
thanks in advance..

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Answer by rstylist26
Go to the Mall and look inside their stores to see how everything is set up. Where they put their clothing, shoes, and accessories etc. Get creative with it! Once you get an idea you’ll find your theme. We can’t give you a theme. Also you can look up greek , french styles.

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Birthday Wishes Sample

www.samples-help.org.uk How to write Birthday Wishes! Watch this video for samples, examples, hints and tips for creating a unique greeting. Free demo and tutorial. Great ideas on how to create and design greetings with appropriate wording for this special occasion. Guide to help you to design personalized cards to your own requirements. How to create and design a unique card with appropriate wording. Free demo and tutorial.Wording guide with quotes, verses, sayings and rhymes to enable you to design a great personalized, homemade card and Birthday Wishes! www.samples-help.org.uk

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TEDxPhoenix – Kelli Anderson – Disruptive Wonder for a Change

– About Kelli Anderson – Kelli Anderson is an artist, designer, and tinkerer who enjoys the challenge of seeking out hidden possibility in the physical and digital world. From interactive paper to layered, experimental websites, everything begins and ends in Kelli’s Brooklyn studio which houses a 1919 letterpress and an assortment of other benevolent contraptions. Kelli believes that the world is full of order that doesn’t necessarily deserve our respect, and in her TEDxPhoenix 11.11.11 TEDxTalk, Kelli inspires us to change the world around us by rejecting normal order, messing things up, and causing millions of teeny-tiny disruptions to whatever is sitting in front of you. Website: kellianderson.com On Twitter: twitter.com – About TEDxPhoenix 11.11.11 – The theme for TEDxPhoenix 11.11.11 was “______ for a Change” and featured speakers from around the US who are exploring unique ideas that have brought about unexpected, interesting, and positive changes. Five hundred people from all over Arizona and the western US gathered at the Mesa Arts Center for an evening of thought provoking and entertaining talks. The opening title (vimeo.com and speaker video intros were created under the design and direction of TEDxPhoenix Art Director, Safwat Saleem (@safwat). Motion graphics and animation provided by TEDxPhoenix volunteer Qa’ed Tung (@qaedtung). Video editing of this TEDxPhoenix TEDxTalk was done by UAT Digital Video student, Kennedy Gray, under the guidance of UATDV Program
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Minecraft MindCrack – S3E235 – Home Decor

Best Of Database: www.guudelp.com Web: www.guudelp.com Merch guude.spreadshirt.com G+ gplus.to FB: www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Own Shares of my Soul: bit.ly MC Thread: www.minecraftforum.net Music By: BDoubleO – www.youtube.com My name is Jason, most people online call me Guude. I found minecraft by stumbling onto a Let’s Play video and after getting wrapped up in the game I decided to make my own. Hope you enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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What are some stores that have good inexpensive wall art?

Question by smoothopr_2: What are some stores that have good inexpensive wall art?

what can i hang on the wall to fill up space

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Answer by ruby d

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Decorating Cupcakes #14: Polar Bear

Original design by Richardson and Tack. This can be found in their books “Hello Cupcake” or “What’s new Cupcake” www.hellocupcakebook.com I have modified it slightly. Music by: Jason Shaw www.youtube.com Jason Shaw@audionautix.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Wall $ 03

A few nice wall art images I found:

Wall $ 03
wall art
Image by Duck-26
Duck-26 & Tief [FH crew]

"Contest King of the Wall", Borgoticino (NO) @ 02-07-2006

Wall graffiti in Berlin
wall art
Image by locksleynet.com
I love seeing random features when I go places! This wall graffiti caught my eye in Berlin, it’s possibly a school boy sat at a desk but I am not sure, I thought it looked good!

Art Walls
wall art
Image by ilovememphis
Inside the new WKNO building.

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DIY Decoupage Coffee Table – Furniture Design Tutorial with Mr. Kate

Learn how to quickly and easily transform a table-top using modge podge or glue and pages from an old book to spruce up the design of your interior space. Mr. Kate shows you step by step how to get a funky, vintage inspired wood coffee table in this interior design geared video. She used human figure sketches from an art book and gold spray paint for the legs, but you could use whatever book you want and whatever color best fits your space! Mr. Kate’s shoes are by ASOS – find out more style info on mrkate.com For more interior design inspiration visit the Mr. Kate BLOG here: www.mrkate.com Shot and edited by Brad Etter Song “Organic Grunge” by Kevin MacLeod http

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